WP Haton, global market leader in dough-processing equipment, has taken its new Competence Centre into use: a modern, transparent facility with an industrial look created from an old factory hall. In the open-plan centre, sales, services, project management and marketing work together to supply products to industrial bakeries all over the world.

New lease of life for old factory hall

The old, empty factory hall has undergone a complete makeover to turn it into a new office building. The intention was to create a bright building, with lots of daylight penetrating the centre of the former industrial factory. And the result is stunning: the attractive work stations and high-tech offices look out onto an indoor patio while sawtooth roofs and a tall glass tower ensure maximum admission of daylight.

New office concept for optimum cooperation

The innovative office concept was developed by Phidias Community Innovation in cooperation with the architect Taci Yurtay. The closer connections between people inside the building boost cooperation outside the building. The new open-plan layout helps to strengthen a customer-oriented approach by bringing together precisely the disciplines that involve frequent contacts with customers.

Daylight specialists Bright Buildings from Heerlen were asked to realise the project. We worked out all the technical details and designed a sawtooth structure made entirely of steel, glass and aluminium. We also realised the facility’s greatest eye-catcher: the glass WP Haton tower containing meeting areas and a rooftop bar.

Conversion of existing buildings leads to greater residual value

Conversion of existing buildings can create room for unusual new accommodation. With Bright Buildings’ architectural solutions and daylight applications, existing building shells can be converted to achieve high gains in the fields of aesthetics, sustainability and health. Besides creating social added value, successful conversions also enhance a building’s residual value.

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