Our sliding walls consist of glazed elements that slide upwards to bring the outdoor feeling indoors. They enable you to create a natural transition from indoor to outdoor activities and the other way round: when the weather’s bad your guests enjoy an outdoor feeling and on days of good weather they’re literally in the open air.

Bright Buildings offers two types of sliding walls: Panoraview (in cooperation with Libart) and Skywall.


Panoraview is a motorised vertically sliding wall system for large roofed areas. It comprises at most four segments, with the top segment being a fixed element. Panoraview offers excellent thermal insulation and grade 4 CE certified wind and watertightness. The absence of vertical aluminium elements implies unobstructed views from the building. An ideal solution for high-end restaurants with an adjoining patio.

Characteristics of the Panoraview

  • Maximum width 6 metres
  • Maximum height 5 metres
  • Photocell safety sensors
  • At most three sliding elements
  • Integrated driving mechanism
  • Certified wind and watertightness


The Skywall sliding wall system comprises two or three segments, with the top segment being a fixed element and the bottom segments sliding up and down. Skywall is ideal for swimming pools and water playgrounds. The aluminium parts will then be pretreated to ensure their preservation.

Characteristics of the Skywall

  • Maximum width 4 metres
  • Maximum height 7 metres
  • Mechanical fall protection system
  • At most two sliding elements
  • Visible driving mechanism