Who wants to be indoors on a sunny day? Enjoy natural daylight and fresh air when the weather allows it. This can be realised with Bright Buildings’ transparent sliding roofs simply by pressing a button. We offer you two types of sliding roofs: Open Sky and Solaglide (in cooperation with Libart).

Open Sky

Our Open Sky is a transparent retractable roof comprising large segments that can slide open to 50% of the roof’s total area to create that unique outdoor feeling. Open Sky roofs can be used to cover rooftop bars, swimming pools, restaurants, shopping centres and platform stages. The aluminium of the roofs of swimming pools is subjected to special treatment to ensure its preservation.

Characteristics of Open Sky roofs

  • Maximum span: 20 metres
  • Maximum width: 100 metres
  • Motor-driven
  • Can be opened to 50% of their total area
  • Glazing: polycarbonate or insulated glass
  • Maximum panel width: 1.20 m


The Solaglide retractable roof system (Libart) guarantees safety and comfort under all weather conditions thanks to its vertical girders without thermal bridges, insulated glass and good seals. The driving mechanism is hidden from sight in the main vertical girders. The system is resistant to moisture, oil, UV radiation and extreme changes in temperature, guaranteeing maintenance-free operation for many years.

Characteristics of Solaglide roofs

  • Maximum span: 14 metres
  • Maximum width: 60 metres
  • Motor-driven per segment
  • Can be opened to 75% of their total area
  • Glazing: polycarbonate or insulated glass
  • Maximum panel width: 1.50 m

Three good reasons for choosing us:

1. Design: we will integrate the roof in an existing design or create a completely new design for a facility with a sliding roof
2. Efficient: Bright Buildings will also provide the steel structure beneath the roof
3. Guarantee: Bright Buildings will guarantee the materials specifically intended for swimming pools and their preservation