We use curtain walls to create large expanses of glass. The high-end aluminium curtain-wall system Thermolux Excellent that we developed ourselves meets all the relevant wind and waterproofness standards. We offer you a choice of two different profile heights, depending on the wind load and window dimensions, and glass thicknesses up to 47 mm.

We also have a cheaper, slightly less insulated system for large areas of glass: our Thermolux Iso aluminium system. This system is lined with rubber, like our Excellent system, and is suitable for glass thicknesses up to 32 mm.

The fact that we produce both the aluminium and the steel structures behind it ourselves means that we can quickly design a tailor-made concept for any building. A unique combination that guarantees that the two structural elements will have the right dimensions and will fit perfectly.

Characteristics of Thermolux Excellent

  • Aesthetically attractive without any steel parts behind it
  • Free spans 3 metres above the ground
  • Certified wind and waterproofness
  • Available in any RAL colour or anodised
  • Treatment for all environmental requirements, even CM 5
  • Different types of glass: triple glazing, double glazing, sandwich panels


Bright Buildings also developed the Thermolux Iso system that is used in the green industry as an ideal combination with underlying steel structures. Our Thermolux Iso wall system is attractive from a budgeting angle, but enables less saving in energy than our Thermolux Excellent. This aluminium system is lined with rubber and the glass is clamped and capped with aluminium strips, whether or not insulated.

Characteristics of Thermolux ISO

  • Possibility of different types of glass
  • Can be powder coated in any desired RAL colour
  • Maximum window dimensions 1.2 x 1.6 metres