In the course of 2018 the Ivybridge Leisure Centre will undergo a major makeover. The present centre is managed by the London-based fitness & leisure chain Fusion Lifestyle. The new centre will have an innovative six-lane Open Sky swimming pool with a sundeck and a state-of-the-art retractable roof combined with modern, sustainable swimming pool technology.

Refurbishment and newbuild sports complex

In addition to the complete refurbishment of the building and its systems, the old outdoor swimming pool will be demolished. The sports complex will also be expanded with a larger spin studio, a centrally located café, a new fitness studio and squash courts. The design is by Abbey Design from Canterbury.


Open Sky swimming pool structure integrated

Architect Paul Hoppe of the Dutch company Bright Buildings was asked to develop the Open Sky swimming pool structure in cooperation with Fusion’s entire design team. The project comprises a steel structure, high-grade insulated aluminium walls and the retractable roof above the pool.  Bright Buildings will integrate the new Open Sky pool in the existing complex.

Outdoor view
Outdoor view
Indoor - daylight and fresh air
Retractable roof open
Retractable roof half open
Integration in existing complex

Modernisation fitness facilities in a three-year programme

The project marks the start of a  three-year programme in which Fusion is going to improve and modernise its fitness facilities. Fusion is one of the largest fitness chains in the UK, with facilities between Wales, London and Newcastle. The new Ivybridge complex will be taken into use in the summer of 2019.

More information about Open Sky retractable roofs? Please contact architect Paul Hoppe. 

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