Ter Steege B.V. is a wholesaler specialising in indoor and outdoor pottery. Since its establishment in 1933, it has evolved into a large international player.

Ter Steege is now an allround supplier of the horticultural and souvenir branches selling well-known brands such as Artstone and World of Jet. Last December we were asked to build a showroom with an area of 1.100 m2 for the company’s main establishment in Rijssen. The building has a striking design with modern polycarbonate sawtooth roofs, a white-coated steel structure and an extra floor to make the most of the available space. The showroom was ready in time for its first pottery show this summer.

Architect: Breddels (www.breddels.nl)

Ineke Ter Steege: “Entering the building is like coming home; it’s a source of inspiration for all the people who visit our House of Inspiration.”

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