Since 2010 a ‘double wide-span greenhouse’ has accommodated all the indoor facilities of the athletics association Olympus ’70 in the Dutch town of Naaldwijk. The greenhouse, which is 2 x 12 metres wide and 95 metres long, was built by Bright Buildings.

The indoor accommodation comprises the following parts: a canteen, changing rooms, a strength sports area, conference rooms, an indoor hall with 6 sprint tracks, a long jump landing pit, complete pole-vaulting facilities and facilities for shot-putting and high jumping.

Thanks to the roof, the official 60-metre indoor athletics track can be used for contests far more often.

The materials used for the indoor accommodation have been adapted to Olympus 70’s house style colours. The walls have been efficiently installed and attractively finished using a polycarbonate locking system.

With a limited budget, Bright Buildings has succeeded in building high-quality accommodation of which the athletics association is now making intensive use.

René Daemen: “Extremely multifunctional sports facility that is pleasant to use and has an indoor climate that can be effectively controlled. We are more than satisfied!”

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