Hogeschool Dronten is a college focusing on education, research and the application of agricultural knowledge. Its new premises are encased in a glass structure with a height of just over 16 metres: the tallest glass casing in Europe. Definitely worthy of the name ‘BrightBox’!

The greatest challenge: a distinctive look & room for events

Hogeschool Dronten wanted its college building to have a unique look befitting its agricultural character. And it was to incorporate a smart, open area suitable for large events, to compensate for the lack of such a venue in the city centre of Dronten.

Our solution: unique in Europe

We decided not to make use of traditional curtain walls and roof systems for the new build of this large-scale daylight structure. Instead, we introduced an entirely new daylight solution for utility facilities inspired by greenhouses: our BrightBox.

Our BrightBox design offers Hogeschool Dronten many advantages:

  • great appeal – the building’s look and the possibility of organising events in the large meeting area are very attractive for students;
  • lower exploitation costs – the new building implies a saving of more than a hundred thousand euros a year in energy costs for the Hogeschool relative to its last premises;
  • greater welfare – the pleasant indoor climate and large amount of daylight make the employees and students feel fitter and more energic and alert.

The added value of Bright Buildings

We realised our solution in a short space of time and for the same budget as a traditional college building. The enormous glass structure is a highly distinctive eyecatcher in the world of education. Many people still visit Hogeschool Dronten to find out precisely how this architectural wonder and the technology behind it work.

Gert Vosjan: “Working in this building is really fantastic. Thanks to the large amounts of glass we always enjoy natural light and the indoor climate is great. It was a bold concept and we’re very satisfied with it.”

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