The Grill Polonez restaurant is one of the best steakhouses in Istanbul. Favourably located near a shopping centre, an office complex and the Palladium Tower residential block, the restaurant attracts many visitors all the year round.

The challenge: year-round profits from the patios

The restaurant was specifically designed with a view to making the most of the available open area. This aim can be perfectly realised thanks to a Solaglide sliding roof (Libart).

The restaurant’s total area of 1200 square metres comprises various lounges, open and semi-open patios. On warm, sunny days the roof slides open to allow diners to enjoy fresh air, an outdoor feeling and a beautiful view of the blue sky.

The design includes lavish use of natural materials such as wood, stone and rope, and natural light goes really well with the resulting look. The individual parts of the restaurant are all differently styled to attract visitors of all ages.

All this makes the Grill Polonez a fantastic all-weather venue for guests of all ages all the year round.

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