The new build of Schoneveld Breeding is arising in the Dutch town of Wilp. The complex comprising offices and greenhouses will be the production and educational centre of these plant breeders from the town of Twello. A unique aspect of the complex is a large glass casing that will accommodate the company’s ‘Plant X Perience’.

The main challenge: integrate the new build with its natural surroundings

For quite some years, Schoneveld Breeding had been in need of a lot more room than was available at its premises in Twello. The new build complex in Wilp will have plenty of room for the company’s workforce of almost 200 and will be attractively integrated in the landscape. This last aspect is important to Schoneveld because of its green character. The new build was designed by BDG Architecten. It’s being constructed with the expertise of Bright Buildings, Technokas and Haafkens.

The complex comprises various different parts:
• a production greenhouse measuring 12,500 m2
• offices with a total area of 7,000 m2
• an education/inspiration centre measuring 3,000 m2

Plant ‘X’Perience

The Plant ‘X’perience inspiration centre will be accommodated in a glass building in the back yard and will contain various areas intended for research – a tissue culture laboratory and areas for cell biology and seed technology. There will also be areas for product presentations and work meetings. All these areas will ultimately be encased inside the glass structure. Schoneveld also intends to organise guided tours of this centre for school children and other interested visitors.

Bright Buildings is using its Thermolux ISO system to construct the glass building to ensure that the glazing will have the required U value.

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