The new Dutch head office of the engineering firm Fluor lies in a sustainable industrial estate in Hoofddorp. The American company opted for an integrated design & build approach for its new build, so without the traditional division between design and construction. The aim was to create smart accommodation that meets strict quality and safety requirements. The assigned BREEAM excellent design certificate proves that this aim has indeed been met.

The offices’ design is entirely geared to Fluor’s specific working methods. The company wanted its offices designed according to a standard model that it uses all over the world. That meant a greater room length than is customary in the Netherlands, and in our country rooms of such a length may not be arranged on either side of a corridor because of regulations relating to the admission of daylight. This was solved by incorporating a large atrium in the middle of the building, between the two wings, ensuring the admission of sufficient daylight into the offices from both sides.

The atrium is the building’s main meeting place. At Fluor large international project teams (900 employees) work on complex projects. The members of the various teams meet one another in the attractively furnished atrium rather than in the offices.

The contractor Dura Vermeer asked Bright Buildings to build the atrium – an area of 969 square metres covered by an arched glass roof. Using our own Thermolux Excellent profiles we developed a sustainable solution for the 30-metre-wide glass roof structure.

This cold-bent triple glass roof is an awesome feat of construction, and one of the first of its kind in Europe. The project’s 3-D engineering is based on the BIM method. Further details:

  • Cold-bent triple glass on round-rolled steel arches
  • movable shading screens
  • maintenance bridges on the inside and outside
  • the U-value of the triple glass is 0.8 W/m2K.

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