Eiland van Maurik is a beautiful holiday park in the Dutch Betuwe region. In 2016 the Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB proclaimed it the campsite with the most attractive rented accommodation in the Netherlands. The park invests in continuous innovation and aims to make the most of its newly built swimming pool. BrightOpen is the multifunctional solution that enables it to meet that aim.

The greatest challenge: swimming ‘outdoors’ all the year round

The past few years Eiland van Maurik had been greatly expanded, with e.g. new chalets and beach houses. The time had come for the next step: upgrading the facilities to a level that would tempt guests to spend time at the park all the year round. Bright Buildings designed a unique transparent swimming facility with an Open Sky sliding roof and Skywall sliding walls. When the outdoor season ends, the swimming pool is completely covered.

Our solution: a roof and walls that can slide open and closed

On days of fine weather the swimming pool’s roof automatically opens to admit sunshine, daylight and fresh air. And the facility’s transparent walls slide upwards to create an attractive transition from indoor to outdoor activities. The building accommodates a standard swimming pool measuring 10 by 15 metres. The existing children’s water playground was integrated in the design and supplemented with a separate landing pool for a double slide. All this has made the park extremely attractive for guests of all ages.

The added value of Bright Buildings

Bright Buildings was responsible for designing this complex measuring almost 1000 m2, but also for its actual construction. Eiland van Maurik has been offering its guests maximum water enjoyment since the spring of 2017.

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