Open Sky is our transparent building concept comprising one or more sliding parts. All you need to do is press a button and the roof or walls will slide open to blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

When the weather’s bad your visitors will enjoy an outdoor feeling, and on days of good weather they will literally be in the open air. An outdoor season for 365 days a year? That offers plenty of new opportunities in the fields of catering, swimming and other recreational activities.

  • recreation all year round
  • Natural ventilation
  • Natural daylight

The ideal solutions for

Holiday parks

Greater distinctiveness, more intensive use of (outdoor) facilities and possibly precisely the breakthrough you need to be able to remain open all the year round.

Public swimming pools

At last a profitable outdoor pool with a season that lasts for 52 weeks a year instead of only ten.

Hotels with sports and swimming facilities

Guests will be able to enjoy all your (outdoor) sports and swimming facilities all the year round. The perfect way for you to stand out in a competitive market.

Sports facilities

The success of outdoor sports facilities is no longer dependent on the weather. Availability for 365 days a year will put an end to season-dependent sport calendars.

Water parks and amusement parks

On days of bad weather your outdoor attractions are deserted while your indoor facilities are overcrowded? Just imagine how different your turnover would be if the weather were no longer a decisive factor.

What do our customers think?

“The Eiland van Maurik holiday park had for some time been considering the construction of a roofed swimming pool, but we wanted it to be a light, transparent building with parts that can slide open. So we’re very happy with this Open Sky structure that Bright Buildings has built for us, and our guests are extremely satisfied too.”

Lennard Kempers (EN)
Owner Holiday park Eiland van Maurik
Project: Newbuild swimming pool Eiland van Maurik

If you’re interested in what benefits an Open Sky building could offer you, please contact our architect Paul Hoppe.