Bright Buildings offers many structural solutions for making the most of light. Every transparent building we create looks very attractive on the outside, while inside you enjoy the beneficial effects of daylight, low exploitation costs and a sustainable character.

The expertise and experience gained in the construction of more than three thousand transparent buildings have turned Bright Buildings into a leading specialist in daylight structures. We create distinctive, inspiring buildings in which people enjoy working, shopping and spending time.


Retail facilities

Experience is the key to success in the struggle against online shopping. Retailers must pull out all the stops to tempt consumers to visit their shop. With BrightBox we create an alluring transparent building that literally shows people what you have to offer them.


Car showrooms are a perfect example of the strong pull effect that an open, glass building may have. We design and build car showrooms faster than traditional builders and keep things affordable by manufacturing the aluminium systems ourselves.

Catering and recreational facilities

Show people what you have to offer with lots of glass. Your establishment’s welcoming atmosphere in which your guests are enjoying a good time will have a pull effect on passers-by. An open building is a hospitable building.

Educational institutes

Daylight leads to more learning success, and an open building will literally be in contact with the world outside a school. BrightBox is the ideal solution for educational institutes – an affordable alternative to a traditional building.

What do our clients think?

“Working in this building is really fantastic. Thanks to the large amounts of glass we always enjoy natural light and the indoor climate is great. It was a bold concept and we’re very satisfied with it.”

Gert Vosjan (EN)
Facility manager Aeres Agrarische Hogeschool Dronten
Project: Newbuild Aeres Campus

“Extremely multifunctional sports facility that is pleasant to use and has an indoor climate that can be effectively controlled. We are more than satisfied!”

René Daemen (EN)
Chairman athletics club Athletics club SAW
Project: Olympus 70


  • curtain wall
  • glass dome
  • light dome
  • daylight system
  • sliding roof
  • glass casing
  • glass roof structure
  • skylight
  • glass skin
  • glass roof
  • glass roof
  • sliding wall
  • glass wall
  • glass roof
  • roof light structure
  • our own aluminium curtain-wall systems

If you’d like to know more about our glass structures and daylight systems, please contact Yves Weekers.