Do you ever wonder why so many business premises are such dismal, grey, anonymous boxes? A Bright Building is immediately recognisable by its open character.

Besides designing your new business facility we will also actually build it for you. Fast, flexible and affordable – especially across the Dutch border in Germany. With our in-house architect we have all the specific expertise needed to support and implement building projects in Germany.

What do our customers think of our buildings?

“Entering the building is like coming home; it’s a source of inspiration for all the people who visit our House of Inspiration.”

Ineke ter Steege (EN)
Director Ter Steege
Project: Newbuild House of Inspiration Ter Steege


Inspiring architecture

Our own architect will exploit all the creative opportunities of building with light and air. But if you’d prefer to work with your own architect we will adjust our role in your design & build team accordingly.

Design & build

We will organise and support your building’s construction in close cooperation with other parties, from the very first drawing right through to turnkey completion.


We have more than 140 years of international experience and know precisely how things work across the Dutch border. Ideal for if you’re looking for Dutch design, Dutch project management and a contact who will understand precisely what you want.

Fast, flexible and affordable

We work with our own basic concepts that we adjust to meet your specific requirements, and we manufacture all the required parts ourselves in our own factory.

Concept development

Together with you we will create a completely new structural concept – a multifunctional building designed to meet all your specific dimensional and layout requirements. Perhaps you’d like more than one facility, within or outside the Netherlands? Benefit from our international building experience in the knowledge that several retail chains have preceded you.

If you’d also like a distinctive business facility, please contact our architect Paul Hoppe.