Griptech is a leading supplier of attachments for fork lift trucks in Europe. The company has chosen a central location in Aachen in Germany for the construction of its new head office. For the construction the Dutch entrepreneur behind Griptech wanted to work with a partner who understands international construction: Bright Buildings. 

German sustainability requirements

At the beginning of 2017, following a preselection phase, Griptech decided on the attractive design by Bright Buildings, which has a lot of natural light reaching the work areas and opportunities for expansion in storage and logistics.

The design is sustainable and the construction is energy-efficient in accordance with German sustainability requirements (Kfw-Effizienzhaus 55). Thanks in part to the use of our own high-quality aluminium facade systems Bright Buildings can achieve this.

In addition to the design and construction work Bright Buildings also provided support in the German permit process. This process was managed quickly so that construction could start in autumn 2017.

Highlights of the building

  • transparency in the 600 m2 office area with a lot of highly insulating glass and a large roof terrace on the south side
  • 275 m2 work area with a lot of daylight where electronics are fitted to attachments
  • 600 m2 storage and logistics area, possible expansion to 1,100 m2.

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