Bright Buildings puts your thoughts on accommodation in an entirely different light: daylight. We specialise in the fast construction of transparent buildings that make a lasting impression. As architects and builders we make sure that the construction of our Bright Buildings is as transparent as the buildings themselves. This way we create scope for your most ambitious plans.

Bright here, bright now: Open up your business

Do you ever wonder why so many business premises are such dismal, grey, anonymous boxes? A Bright Building is immediately recognisable by its open character. In our BrightBox concept we create that openness through the extensive use of glass. With our BrightOpen we go one step further by using sliding roofs and walls. All our buildings look very attractive on the outside and, on the inside, they present the benefits of low exploitation costs, sustainability and the feeling of wellbeing created by daylight.

Bright Buildings: 5x your best partner

Inspiring architecture

Our own architect will exploit all the creative opportunities of building with light and air. But if you’d prefer to work with your own architect we will adjust our role in your design & build team accordingly.

Design & build

We will organise and support your building’s construction in close cooperation with other parties, from the very first drawing right through to turnkey completion.


We have more than 140 years of international experience and know precisely how things work across the Dutch border. Ideal for if you’re looking for Dutch design, Dutch project management and a contact who will understand precisely what you want.

Fast, flexible and affordable

We work with our own basic concepts that we adjust to meet your specific requirements, and we manufacture all the required parts ourselves in our own factory.

Committed family business

We form part of the Grimbergen Group, the fifth generation of a family business, and that’s evident from everything we do. We build buildings, but above all also long-term relationships.

From idea to Bright Building
The phases of our design process

1. Briefing

  • Meeting one another to establish the design requirements.
  • With our expertise we think along with you in terms of advice and possible solutions.
  • Together we arrive at an unambiguous request and a set of requirements.

2. Debriefing

  • Bright Buildings interprets your request and wishes in understandable terms.
  • We formulate the design requirements.

3. Concept study

  • Bright Buildings develops a concept (an idea, drawing) and calculates the corresponding budget estimate. The various options are shown and explained in a presentation.
  • We adjust or change the concept on the basis of your feedback.
  • A definitive version of the adjusted concept is elaborated.
  • Go/no-go

4. Schematic design

  • The concept is elaborated in a schematic design and a plan of action for engineering, advice and project- management.

5. Preliminary design

  • Creating the general framework on which to base the project.
  • The building and/or investment costs are calculated.
  • Permit applications are submitted and managed.
  • Other advisers and authorities concerned are consulted to coordinate the project.
  • Go/no-go

6. Construction

  • Start of the building process.
  • Evaluation/assessing the customer’s satisfaction with the design process.
  • Monitoring and checking whether the work is being carried out according to the agreed design.

This is who we are

Here you see the people with whom you’ll come into contact first at Bright Buildings. There are many more colleagues behind the scenes, enthusiastically working on the most beautiful transparent buildings in Europe.

Bert Rietrae

Technische directeur

Ben Boon

Sales manager

Ron Beenen


Rob Odekerken

Senior project engineer

Yves Weekers

Projectleader/ Technical Consultant

This is where we come from

Bright Buildings forms part of the Grimbergen Group – an organisation with a long history. That history goes back to 1877, when G. Grimbergen Sr opened a smithy in the west of the Netherlands. Around 1900 Grimbergen could rightly claim to be the first ‘greenhouse builder’ in the Netherlands. After building more than 3,000 transparent buildings all over the world this family business is now managed by the fifth Grimbergen generation. The Grimbergen Group also includes our sister company Thermoflor, leading international builders of garden centres.

Let’s open up your business

Allow us to show you how Bright Buildings could boost your business.

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