Make it light, make it last

We build transparent buildings that make a lasting impression. You’ll never forget that first time you saw a Bright Building. Contact us for your own impressive building


Design & build & more

We have everything in house to create your building, from its design until long after its completion. We remain proud of and committed to our work.


The future is bright

Bright Buildings last for a long time, entail low maintenance and management costs and, when they reach the end of their life, almost all the materials can be completely recycled. Contact us for more information on sustainability


The smartest fit

We have developed basic concepts which we adjust to meet your specific requirements. This enables us to offer you a Bright Building at the price of a standard building. Contact us for an estimate of the costs


There are no borders

We have more than 140 years of international experience and know precisely how things work across the Dutch border. Ideal for if you’re looking for Dutch design, Dutch project management and a contact who will understand precisely what you want.


Bright Buildings designs, develops and builds transparent buildings in which daylight is the key protagonist. We create new opportunities by connecting your building to the outside world instead of closing it off from it: open up your business.


Business facilities

Distinctive buildings for business, retail and recreational facilities. Our own architect will design a building that combines maximum external appeal with an ultimate internal experience. A distinctive, inspiring ambiance in which people will enjoy working, shopping and relaxing.

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Glass buildings

Bright Buildings offers many structural solutions for making the most of light. Every transparent building we create looks very attractive on the outside, while inside you enjoy the beneficial effects of daylight, low exploitation costs and a sustainable character.

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Open Sky buildings

With our Open Sky buildings that can literally open up we raise transparency to an entirely new level. Sliding roofs  and walls create a natural transition from indoors to outdoors. Amaze your guests, lengthen your outdoor season and increase your turnover.

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We use aluminium roof and wall systems to construct our buildings. Engineering and production are done in-house and we also manage the entire building process ourselves. So you’ll need only one partner for the construction of your very own bright building.

Aluminium systems

We create large expanses of glass by using curtain walls. The high-end aluminium curtain-wall system that we developed ourselves meets all the relevant wind and waterproofness requirements. By producing both the aluminium and the steel structures behind it ourselves we are able to quickly realise tailor-made concepts for any building.

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Retractable roofs

With transparent retractable roofs that can open up to 75% of their total area we bring the outdoor feeling indoors. The roofs can be used to cover large or small areas and are ideal for rooftop bars.

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Sliding walls

With flexible, transparent walls that can electrically slide upwards we blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

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This is who we are

Here you see the people of Bright Buildings at our Heerlen office and factory. There are many more colleagues working at our construction sites worldwide, enthusiastically working on the most beautiful transparent buildings in Europe.

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